RIB boat excursion La Maddalena

Itinerary: Spargi and Budelli

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Memo excursions in Santa Teresa was born in 2015 from an idea of Domenico Nicolai with the intent to provide clients with a special activity, a unique experience, an intimate outing for a few people. Memo guarantees great care and attention to detail, offers trips where you establish a relationship of familiarity with your guide, with whom you set out to discover the wonders that northern Sardinia has to offer.

If you plan to explore the beautiful beaches of Spargi and Rosa di Budelli in La Maddalena, you are in the right place

Inflatable boat trips Archipelago la Maddalena: Spargi and Budelli

The first scheduled stop is at Cala Corsara on Spargi Island after which we will skirt the east side of the island with a chance to take a dip from the dinghy. In about a 5-minute boat ride we will reach the Porto della Madonna, a stretch of sea between the three islands of Razzoli, Santa Maria and Budelli, where you will have the opportunity to take photos of the famous Spiaggia Rosa and take a swim in the wonderful waters of the Porto della Madonna. The second stop is scheduled at St. Mary’s Island. Suggestive aperitif on board before returning.

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