Corsica and the Bocche di Bonifacio

Southern Corsica, the town of Bonifacio with its cliffs, Lavezzi, Isola Piana and Cavallo. Discover the Bocche di Bonifacio Nature Reserve.


Southern Corsica: Bonifacio, Lavezzi and Isola Piana

Corsica by boat - Consorzio delle Bocche
Gita Corsica Scogliere Bonifacio

In the stretch of sea separating Corsica from Sardinia are the white cliffs of Bocche di Bonifacio and the Bocche di Bonifacio Nature Reserve. Let’s discover together the town of Bonifacio, Lavezzi Island,Isola Piana, and Cavallo.


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Corsica by boat - Consorzio delle Bocche
Città di Bonifacio

Bonifacio, also known by the names Bunifazziu – in the Corsican language Bunifaziu – is located in southern Corsica on the strait of the same name. The town of Bonifacio is located a few miles by boat from Santa Teresa Gallura in the stretch of sea universally known as Bocche di Bonifacio.

This charming town is most famous for its white limestone cliffs, a true wonder of nature. Bonifacio is a town built on several floors, the upper part being an atmospheric, out-of-time medieval village. The lower portion of the city consists of the harbor of Bonifacio, a unique entrance to the world, an enchanting fjord that still leaves boaters navigating the Straits open-mouthed.

Near the entrance to the port of Bonifacio are many caves of a limestone nature, some of which can only be reached from the sea. Two minutes from the mouth of Bonifacio harbor is Anse du Fazzio, a picturesque landscape where one of the historic headquarters of Les Glénans, one of the world’s most prestigious sailing schools, is located.

Isola Piana

Corsica by boat - Consorzio delle Bocche
Gita Isola Piana Corsica

If there is one place in the world capable of enchanting and enrapturing the heart, it is certainly the blue lagoon ofIsola Piana. A very special and enchanting stretch of sea characterized by a the tongue of sand that connects Piana Island to the mainland a passage that emerges and disappears with the movements of the tide.

Isola Piana in southern Corsica an uninhabited island included in the municipality of Bonifacio that is part of the Lavezzi Islands Nature Reserve near Cavallo Island. In summer much frequented for its beauty, in winter months oasis of peace with incredible views.


Escursioni Corsica dalla Sardegna, foto Lavezzi
Gita Lavezzi Corsica

Lavezzi Island is the beating heart of the Bocche di Bonifacio Nature Reserve, a popular destination for anyone wishing to visit the islands of southern Corsica. A granite island of incomparable beauty, with the sea experiencing every shade of color.

The island is located right in the middle of the Bocche di Bonifacio opposite the island of Razzoli and La Maddalena National Park. Lavezzi’s seabed is home to the world-famous Lavezzi Groupers, which is why the island is also known as Mérouville – the City of Groupers – a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Isola Cavallo

Corsica by boat - Consorzio delle Bocche
Isola Cavallo Corsica

Cavallo Island is located in French waters; it is an island located in the Bocche di bonifacio stretch of sea between Sardinia and Corsica.

Located north of Lavezzi, Isola Cavallo is a private and exclusive island where docking is not allowed-except under special conditions of need. The island is famous for having many luxury homes, designed by French architect Jacques Couelle.

Bocche di Bonifacio Nature Reserve

Corsica by boat - Consorzio delle Bocche
Bianche scogliere di Bonifacio Sud Corsica

The Bocche di Bonifacio Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve in mainland France. This enchanting stretch of sea covering more than 80,000 hectares is located between Corsica and Sardinia.

The reserve encompasses the entire coastal stretch of the City of Bonifacio, the Lavezzi, Cerbicale, Bruzzi and Moines archipelagos, the cliffs of Bonifacio and the ponds of Ventilègne.

The landscape is characterized by limestone cliffs and granite rocks, a coastal and marine environment with truly extraordinary habitat.


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