Daily departures from S. Teresa G. to La Maddalena

Meeting point at the Port of Santa Teresa Gallura

The meeting point is at the ticket office of the Consorzio delle Bocche on the port of Santa Teresa Gallura.
In August, make sure you arrive at boarding at 08:00 am; in the other months boarding starts at 08:15 am.

Departure towards Budelli

Departure from the port of Santa Teresa Gallura and navigation towards Budelli.
During the navigation you can admire in the distance the white cliffs of Bonifacio and the breathtaking view of the north coast of Sardinia and the south coast of Corsica.

Panoramic view of Spiaggia Rosa

On the Budelli Island we will be able to see the legendary Pink Beach, one of the most beautiful in the world! It owes its name to the color of the sand, rich in tiny fragments of bryozoan skeletons, coral, granite, shells and mollusc shells. The spectacular color is due to a pink microorganism that 'inhabits' the Posidonia oceanica. When it dies, the shells are dragged ashore, breaking up under the action of water and wind. To protect this very fragile ecosystem, anchoring of boats and bathing is not allowed since 1998.

Stop at Santa Maria island beach

Most of the islands and islets of the Archipelago are uninhabited. The island of Santa Maria, on the other hand, hosts about twenty houses which are mainly frequented during the summer. We will go down to the beach by mooring comfortably at the pier with the walkway, and you can sunbathe and swim in crystal clear waters.

Panoramic view of the Manto della Madonna

We will continue the navigation and we will pass in front of one of the most famous points of interest of the archipelago: the Manto della Madonna or Porto della Madonna. This area is so called because it is considered a safe harbor with almost all winds. The incredible blue of this stretch of sea takes your breath away: a real uncontaminated natural pool, with a shallow and transparent bottom. A must see!

Stop for lunch

Stop for lunch where you will be served at the table. The Captain will choose the most suitable place for the lunch break in relation to the marine weather conditions.

La Maddalena city stop *

We will land in the port of La Maddalena where you can visit this small town. The historic center, very intimate, is full of ice cream parlors and shops for shopping.

Spargi beach stop *

Stop for a swim in the beach of Spargi Cala Corsara, another incredible bay you must visit.

Navigation and return

During the way back to Santa Teresa Gallura you can admire the beauty of the views of the north coast of Sardinia including Punta Falcone, the Marmorata with its Isolotto dei Gabbiani, the forts of the Ferrero Battery and the exciting entrance into the fjord of Santa Teresa di Gallura.

* Stops can be reversed according to the provisions of the Maddalena park authority